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E.ON Stipendienfonds is a non-profit foundation which is managed on a fiduciary basis by Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. in close collaboration with the founder, E.ON SE. It promotes science and education in Europe with special emphasis on academic exchange between Germany and Norway.

Norwegian and German students and scientists can apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded to students and scientists who are working on subjects with a strong and clear focus on Energy in a wide sense - ideally with an interdisciplinary approach


"The E.ON Stipendienfonds has supported Norwegian-German science cooperation for more than 30 years. The "Energy" scholarship program picks up on challenges both countries face. With its interdisciplinary orientation, the strong links between the previous programs of economics, history, European law and politics are combined and brought into new contexts. The E.ON Stipendienfonds awards scholarships, hosts summer academies and bi-national research conferences, and operates a network containing 1,300 alumni. It is a good example of the power of science collaboration by a private company, and it shows how significant impact can be achieved with relatively small "donations". The E.ON Stipendienfonds has been present from the beginning of Norwegian Germany policy and German science foreign policy."

Caroline Shearer & Dr. Heinz-Rudi Spiegel

Members of the Board of E.ON Stipendienfonds




"Milestones of E.ON Stipendienfonds" – the 30 years jubilee report