Alumni of E.ON Stipendienfonds are people with a wide range of backgrounds who are now working in all areas of society. For us, it is obvious and important to maintain contact with our former scholarship holders. For they have studied or researched at excellent universities and have intercultural experience in Germany and Norway. In total, we have some 1,300 former scholarship holders for whom we provide interesting offers. Communication plays a key role here. Former scholarship holders know the conditions in their host country very well. They report about their experience and repeatedly provide valuable momentum for the development of the programmes.

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Stipendienfonds organises various discipline-based events for new and former scholarship holders so that the alumni of different generations get to know each other. For example, the first major alumni meeting was held in Berlin from 21 to 23 October 2009. As sustained alumni work permits close contact between the scholarship holders and the foundation, former and current scholarship holders from all scholarship programmes were invited from Norway and Germany to the official ceremony. Numerous honorary guests from politics, science and culture were also present at the jubilee celebration in the "Europasaal" of the Foreign Office.

The second large alumni meeting followed in 2011, this time in Oslo. Some 150 alumni gathered there to get to know one another or meet again.


In 2014, a large jubilee party with an alumni meeting was held in Berlin to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Foundation. Some 200 alumni as well as numerous honorary guests and friends of E.ON Stipendienfonds were in Berlin from 11 to 13 September. The alumni meetings always have, at the same time, the character of a scientific conference where intensive workshops are held on current topics of the individual disciplines included.

Alumni, who frequently call themselves "Ruhrgasianer" after E.ON Ruhrgas AG, form a network with wide-ranging expertise in the field of German-Norwegian relations, in economic, political and cultural respects. In both countries, E.ON graduates research at universities and research institutes, are active in industry and strengthen the relationship between Germany and Norway in the diplomatic service.

Here you can find an interview with an alumna after her stay in Norway. The interview was held by Forschungszentrum Jülich.