1. What are the selection criteria for the scholarship programme?
Achievement and engagement are the crucial criteria in the selection of scholarship holders. Selection primarily depends on their academic excellence. This is assessed by the scientists responsible in the selection meetings. Furthermore, there must be a clearly recognisable relevance of the project to the subject matter of "energy". However, the motivation of the applicants who want to go to Germany or Norway is also important to us. Finally, social engagement is of importance, in other words, activities of the applicants which they pursue outside their academic work (e.g. voluntary activities).

2. Who can apply for a scholarship?
As we want to strengthen the relations between Germany and Norway in the long term, the applicants are German or Norwegian citizens who study or research in the other country. 

Also persons of another nationality who fulfill these criteria are eligible to apply:

1. MA students should have at least finished their higher education entrance qualification (Abitur / Artium / A-levels) in Germany or Norway

2. PhD students should have at least finished their MA studies in Germany or Norway

3. (Junior) Scientists should have at least finished their (MA /) PhD studies in Germany or Norway

3. Is there an application period?
Yes. The application periods run every year from 15 January to 15 March and from 15 August to 15 October. Applications can only be made using the online application tool. The information and application documents can be edited, updated and stored as often as you want during this period. We would ask you to note that once applications have been sent off they can no longer be edited.

4. Up to which semester can I apply?
Study scholarships: students who have successfully and quickly started their master's study course may apply. Doctorate/research scholarships: doctoral students and post-docs may apply for a stay abroad of up to 6 months.

5. Can I also study/research at a university which does not belong to the German-Norwegian network of E.ON Stipendienfonds?
Yes, you are welcome to apply. The important thing is that you have a confirmation of supervision of a scientist or letter of invitation of the university of destination. 

6. Is application solely reserved for students and researchers of the engineering, economic, law and political sciences with a focus on energy?
Basically, yes. In line with the interdisciplinarity principle, applicants from associated disciplines may receive an award in exceptional cases provided they are researching important subjects/aspects of the energy sciences in the German-Norwegian context. 

7. Can economic, law and political scientists and historians – in each case without any reference to energy – continue to apply for a scholarship?
No. As the programmes are being discontinued, applications for a scholarship can no longer be made.

8. Does sponsorship end when the stay abroad is over?
No. Only the financial sponsorship ends, the patronage remains. It is important for us to maintain contact with the former scholarship holders and, if possible, even intensify such contacts. Our alumni network currently comprises over 1,300 former scholarship holders. The age spectrum ranges from, e.g. the 20-year-old student, managers in politics, business, industry and culture who are in the middle of their professional career to the 80-year-old professor emeritus. On the one hand, we want to offer the alumni a platform to remain in contact with one another and with us. On the other, we would like to give them the possibility through alumni meetings and targeted invitations to events to also broaden their academic knowledge. Follow-up or multiple scholarships are possible but in each case require a new application.

9. What data protection provisions are observed?
E.ON Stipendienfonds and its partners – E.ON SE and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft  strictly adhere to the data protection provisions which apply in Germany and Norway. No data is passed on. The data are used exclusively for the purpose of selecting and looking after scholarship holders and for performing alumni activities in order to maintain later contact and possibly offer further scholarships.

10. I am Norwegian (German) and already work at a German (Norwegian) partner university, respectively my exchange semester has already begun. Can I also apply?

No, as the scholarships serves to promote academic mobility and exchange of knowledge.


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