Programme Energy Sciences

With the experience gained from the previous programmes for economic, law and political sciences, E.ON Stipendienfonds set up a new interdisciplinary scholarship programme for energy sciences in 2014. The previous sponsorship lines for economic, law and political sciences are combined in this new scholarship programme. For the first time, Stipendienfonds will also be sponsoring students, doctoral students and young scientists of the engineering sciences in future.


The time-tested and successful formats – the awarding of scholarships and the holding of binational conferences – continue to be proven core elements of the new programme. For example, in its new programme structure – four subjects under one programme umbrella – Stipendienfonds is not only challenging the much-cited interdisciplinarity, it also intends to promote it with this programme offering at the same time. Completely in line with the classic definition of technology, the aim is to investigate in an interdisciplinary discussion what is technically, economically, politically and socially possible and, at the same time, sensible.


The Programme Commission, which advises on the scholarship applications, also has an interdisciplinary composition; it offers the scientists involved an extensive exchange in the German-Norwegian context.